What’s in the box?

vDen is a combination of COTS components integrated into a single system based on more than 20 years of experience and experimentation building and using immersive projection-based systems. The goal is to provide an affordable, simple to use and maintain, transportable, and easy application development system that brings the advantage of projection-based VR to the consumer market.

To reach that goal, vDen comes in one size and one setup. All components are optimized to work with each other and do not require custom measurements or custom installation. The vDen ships in one standard configuration and is assembled by the buyer on site. Our goal is to make the setup, installation, operation and maintenance procedure seamless and simple enough that anybody can handle it with their current personnel, without any additional costs for maintenance and support.

Projection Room

vDen provides 270° of horizontal field of view and about 135° of vertical field of view, depending on where in the system the user is located. It achieves that using 4 Ultra-Short-Throw (UST), 3D-capable projectors, each with full HD resolution. These are standard boardroom projectors, simplifying maintenance and usage.

Image Generator

The image generator PC is a standard state-of-the-art workstation. The main vDen-specific requirement is a high-powered graphics card that can provide the 8 images that are needed to drive vDen (4 sides * 2 eyes * HD resolution) at the required speeds, an NVIDIA 2080 GTX is typically used. It also houses a secondary, simpler graphics card to drive a monitor for control and development, plus a comfortable combination of CPU, RAM and SSD/hard drive space.



The screens are a proprietary design based on a self-standing, light-weight aluminum frame and are designed to be easy and quick to set up and tear down.


vDen tracks the user’s head and two controllers for interaction. Other devices can be added easily, as the tracking system used is a an off-the-shelf Steam VR tracker as used in the HTC Vive headset.


The frame is a light-weight, high-strength design of fiberglass tubing. It disassembles into pieces less than 5’ in length for easy packing and transportation. Two electrical extenders are used to lower the projector bar, so that assembly and disassembly can be done without a ladder. All cables and other components are pre-mounted to the frame, so that assembly only requires attaching the projectors, and can be done quickly.

The frame defines the space required for the system to be a 10’x11’ footprint with a 10’ ceiling height.


The whole system comes packaged in boxes that are less than 5’ in length and weigh less than 50 lb. It can be transported in the back of a standard minivan, or on a standard palette.


vDen comes packaged to be easily assembled by the end user. As long as there is a sufficiently sized and dark space with power, it can be set up anywhere by anybody.

To preorder

If you are interested in pre-ordering your own vDen, please go here.