Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do existing applications work on vDen?

vDen has a simple Unity-based SDK similar to existing application developement SDKs, so porting of existing VR applications is straightforward.

We are looking into working with OpenXR to get OpenXR-based applications supported natively, which will simplify porting application, but for now applications for vDen will need to use our SDK.

+ How much does it cost?

vDen brings projection-based VR to affordable levels. If you are interested in more details and how to pre-order, please contact us.

+ Is this a new idea?

Yes and no. Our CEO Carolina Cruz-Neira invented the first similar system in 1992, and other systems have been used in different industries since then. The uniqueness of vDen is its simplicity, affordability and easy transportability, which until now has not been not possible with other projection-based VR systems. See the Why vDen page for more details.

+ How do I develop applications for vDen?

We have a Unity SDK that provides all the required infrastructure for VR application development, similar to other VR SDKs. If you have written apps for one of the standard headset you will feel right at home. Check out Developers for more detail.

+ What if I have questions?

Please contact us, we will be happy to help you to learn more about vDen!