The main motivation behind designing and building vDen was to bring this technology into a much wider market than was possible before. Similar systems have been available for a long time, but they have been expensive (typically hundreds of thousands of dollars with no upper limit), have needed complex workstations clusters to develop applications and operate the system, have required highly specialized (and expensive) maintenance personnel and have required dedicated large footprint space that cannot be used for any other purpose and often needs to be constructed specifically for the system.

The goal of vDen is to finally bring all the benefits of projection-based VR to the consumer market:

  • vDen is affordable: there is a one time cost of acquisition with no need of any support or maintenance contract.

  • vDen is compact. The system is designed to fit into a 10’ ceiling height room and requires about 12’x10’ floor space.

  • vDen is transportable: It can be assembled/disassembled by 2 people in about 1 hour, and once packed in its boxes fits in the back of a minivan or small cargo packaging.

  • vDen is easy to maintain. It is based on standard COTS technology and uses standard PCs, board room projectors and consumer VR components.

  • vDen is easy to develop apps for: a Unity-based SDK comes with vDen and SDKs for Unreal and OPenXR are in the works.

vDen is a system that enables bringing formerly high-end virtual reality immersive multi-user displays to the consumer audience. Talk to us to see how vDen can help you and your business!